About Us

Established several years ago, Selbe Vending is a family business owned and operated by Selwyn Meyrowitz. Hailing from South Africa, Selwyn successfully built and managed his own liquor retailing and restaurant business for many years. He and his family decided to take the courageous step of starting all over again and making their home in Melbourne, bringing with them the experience and commitment to service that enabled them to grow a highly-successful business in the demanding South African marketplace.

Selwyn may be new to Australia, but he is definitely not new to business and service. Customer service is his specialty. When he reflected on the right business to build in Australia, he looked for one with a focus on service. In the vending machine industry, he found the perfect match for his experience and commitment to caring for his clients. Selbe customers agree. And when you choose Selbe, you’ll agree too.

Selwyn believes in listening to his customers and giving them exactly what they want. His philosophy is simple: ‘Service is everything,’ he states, ‘because once your customers are happy, they will carry on supporting you. A happy customer is absolutely everything.’

When you choose Selbe Vending as your vending machine supplier, you will deal with Selwyn personally. The business owner himself will take care of all your vending needs, restocking your vending machine, dealing with your problems and wishes personally. You will be impressed by his professionalism and reliability.