Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Vending Machines

Absolutely nothing. All costs are built into the price of the snacks and drink you stock. We also cover costs such as delivery, service and insurance. The only thing you pay for is the price of electricity – and our new vending machines are eco-friendly and carry the highest energy efficiency in the industry.

If your machine breaks down, or if you have a coin jam, call Selwyn on 0488 100 680. He’ll come to your premises and fix your problem as soon as he can, at no cost to your organisation.

Simple: pick up the phone and call Selwyn on 0488 100 680. He will visit your site and discuss your needs.

Yes, you can choose from a huge range of well-known brands of drinks and snacks. We can also offer healthier options such as Up&Go, tuna and cheese snack packs, and health bars.

Yes, Selbe vending machines accept $5 and $10 notes, as well as coins, and also give change.

Selbe Vending will fix any coin jams or machine breakdowns as soon as possible – within 24 hours, and often on the same day.

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Find out how a Selbe vending machine can provide the ideal vending solution for your business. Contact us now on 0488 100 680, email us on, or complete the contact form.
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