Types of vending machines available from Selbe Vending

You don’t have to be a big company to have a Selbe vending machine installed on your site. Selbe Vending provides exactly the right vending machine solution for your needs, with no financial outlay to your organisation. Choose from:

We provide advice, support, professional service and a great range of vending machine products to suit your particular needs.

You can download brochures for our vending machines from the list below:

Vending machines sites and locations

Currently, Selbe vending machines are located in Victorian businesses involved in the following industries:

  • heavy vehicle parts
  • engineering works
  • packaging material
  • glass works
  • electrical switchboards
  • transport
  • call centre
  • playground equipment
  • heavy duty equipment sales and services, and
  • warehousing

Our vending machines are ideal for businesses with lunch rooms, waiting rooms and canteens.

Combo vending machines available from Selbe Vending

A combo vending machine is a snack and drinks vending machine rolled into one. Just think: an endless supply of cold drinks, snacks and candy to choose from, whenever you feel the need.

Chocolate bars, soft drinks, potato chips, corn chips, snack packs such as cheese and crackers or tuna and crackers, cookies, fruit and nut bars, flavoured milk, energy drinks, mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice… the choice is vast.

Combo vending machines allow you to offer your staff and customers a balance of snacks and drinks to best suit your organisation’s needs. The range is huge and the choice is yours… at no cost to your organisation for combo vending machine installation and service.

Our combo vending machines are refrigerated, to keep your chocolate the way it should be eaten… no more sticky fingers, and no melted chocolate bars when they come out of the machine.

Drink vending machines available from Selbe Vending

Drink machines are great all year round, but especially for Melbourne’s sweltering summer. A drink machine in your canteen, showroom or waiting room will give reliable and easy access to an extensive range of cold drinks, without anyone having to leave your premises. Selbe beverage machines are fully-refrigerated, accept notes up to $10, and give change.

Take your pick from Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Pepsi, Kyneton, Golden Circle, Gatorade, Mother, Red Bull, V, nutrient water, flavoured UHT milk, Up&Go, and assorted sodas or soft drinks. We keep all our drink machines stocked and serviced, week in and week out … at no cost to your organisation for machine installation and service.

Water vending machines available from Selbe Vending

Unlike bulk water dispensers, Selbe water vending machines offer a variety of chilled water to suit individual needs.

Choose from a healthy range of still water, carbonated water, flavoured mineral water, nutrient water … and more for your water vending machine.

Your Selbe water vending machine is refrigerated, to keep your water refreshingly cold. It also accepts coins or notes, and gives change. The range is huge and the choice is yours… at no cost to your organisation for water vending machine installation and service.